Brianne Gillham

Brianne Gillham

Director, Digital Projects

Brianne joined the Skunkworks team in 2018. She is an accomplished creative project and account manager who offers a rich mix of experience in customer service, agency operations, and marketing management.

Brianne’s main role at Skunkworks is to plan, manage and execute client projects. She works tirelessly to help her clients achieve their goals, through the management of projects ranging from search engine optimization to brand development. She enjoys using business intelligence programs to track and monitor the success of the agency’s efforts, and is a strong proponent of mapping out goals to track ROI.

Previously a member of the Clio Legal Practice Management Software team, she has in-depth knowledge of firm management and is practiced in advising lawyers across a variety of practice areas on strategies to help grow their firm. She has also assisted in managing the marketing and communications plans at several organizations, across multiple industries, including legal, not-for-profit, real estate, hospitality, and beverage.

Outside her work with Skunkworks, she is a member of Hockey Helps the Homeless Vancouver planning committee, where she assists in the planning of one the country’s biggest annual charity hockey tournaments. She also is an unofficial team member of Humblebee Meadery, a local meadery, where she assists in a marketing, design, and an emotional support capacity.


  • Diploma of Marketing Management - British Columbia Institute of Technology

Book-Learnin': British Columbia Institute of Technology - Marketing Management

Elixer of Choice: Humblebee Mead

Ninja Skill: Bringing an aura of calm into all client interactions

Weird Office Behavior: Can hear the opening of a bag of chips through her noise proof headphones and will magically appear beside your desk if you have snacks

Addiction(s): Cheese, despite lactose intolerance

Personal Kryptonite: Frozen dirt. Google trypophobia...if you dare

Hidden-truth: Can perfectly microwave soup every single time (no really)

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Is writing and performing musicals about the British Royal Family