Jay Holtslander

Jay Holtslander

Technical Director

Jay joined the Skunkworks team in 2015. Prior to joining Skunkworks, he was the vice-president of the first fully accredited coding school in Canada. He has operated an I.T. services company, founded one of Vancouver’s oldest video game studios, and worked as a project manager for an enterprise level web software company. He speaks “tech” fluently and understands the challenges that business owners face in competitively marketing themselves online.

Jay ensures that Skunkworks' client’s websites run smoothly, securely, and quickly. He supports our staff and in-house developers with his technical expertise and makes sure we see any curves coming in the road of technology.

A proponent of efficiency and automation, Jay is constantly on the lookout for ways to work smarter and not harder. Being curious by nature, he is adept at identifying tools and resources that the agency and its clients can use to fulfill objectives. Jay has extensive experience working with stakeholders on branding, website, and content development.

As a young adult, Jay originally envisioned his future career in the film industry in a behind-the-scenes creative capacity but ultimately ended up pivoting into the technology field where he has worked for the last 20 years.

Outside of work, Jay is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs at Futurpreneur Canada, enjoys scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking and climbing, and creative endeavors like freelance web development, woodworking and scale model building.


Book-Learnin': Vancouver Film School, School of Hard Knocks

Elixer of Choice: Starbucks drip coffee, Gin & Tonics

Ninja Skill: DevOps, Code, Design. (Oh and Shurikens)

Weird Office Behavior: Able to maintain verbal silence for hours on end

Addiction(s): Caffeine, Movies, Social Media

Personal Kryptonite: Skinny Ties, Bacon, Cats

Hidden-truth: Can assemble Ikea furniture blindfolded without seeing the instructions, Owns a lightsaber

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Is Indiana Jones