Chris Chang

Chris Chang

Art Director

Chris joined Skunkworks in 2018 with experience working on a wide variety of visual design. Everything from print ads to digital billboards, from web design to video editing, from copywriting to typesetting — Chris is a multi-disciplinary visual communications designer with experience working in agency environments as well as directly with clients.

Chris believes good design and effective communication is like oxygen; it’s essential to the effectiveness of companies and brands to thrive. Whether it’s through the use of typography, photography, logo design, advertising, or packaging, Chris is passionate about crafting effective visual communications.

Always striving to execute and deliver on good design, Chris focuses on creating work that not only looks good, but effectively aligns with client goals, values, and brand messaging. He is technical, inquisitive, adaptable, and motivated.

Outside of work, he spends his time practising photography, delving into typography, immersing myself in a good story, and geeking out about the latest tech. He often finds himself diving down the rabbit hole of Wikipedia, YouTube, or Netflix.


  • B.Des. (Honours) - Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Wilson School of Design - Graphic Design for Marketing - 2016
  • Certificate - Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Wilson School of Design - Foundations in Design - 2012
  • Certificate - British Columbia Institute for Technology - Graphic Design - 2010

Book-Learnin': Kwantlen Polytechnic University / Wilson School of Design - Graphic Design for Marketing

Elixer of Choice: Coffee, le café, el café, kahve, kaffe, il caffè, der kaffee, caife, koffie

Ninja Skill: The right GIF for the right moment

Weird Office Behavior: You think I'm not paying attention, but I'm paying attention

Addiction(s): Accumulating browser tabs, a good story, "Next episode starts in 3, 2, 1..." -Netflix

Personal Kryptonite: Nails on a chalkboard, and kryptonite of course

Hidden-truth: Is Superman

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Is actually Superman