YouTube Video Creates National Exposure for Skunkworks Client Watson Goepel LLP

About a month ago Skunkworks – working with Vancouver-based multi-practice firm Watson Goepel LLP – launched a YouTube video-campaign focused on upcoming changes to BC Family Laws. You can read previous blog posts discussing this advertisement by clicking here and here.

Campaign Success

When we developed the campaign, we were interested in exploring the new TrueView interface in AdWords as well as the cost-effectiveness of advertising through YouTube’s In-Stream, In-Search, and In-Display advertising platforms. Overall, we were very pleased with the results of the campaign. In the course of 18 days, the firm’s logo appeared over 17,000 times on YouTube, the Family Law Video automatically ran before another YouTube video over 19,000 times, and the video itself was viewed 2,992 times. What’s amazing is that the total cost of advertising on YouTube over the 18-day period was less than $300.

National Exposure

As happy as we were with the campaign’s results on YouTube, we were made even happier yesterday evening when CBC’s “The National” decided to prominently include our ad in a primetime report. When one considers that “The National” averages between 400,000 to 900,000 viewers an evening, you can imagine our excitement. You can view the segment on CBC’s website (the Watson Goepel Ad is shown at around the 7:00 mark).

A Screenshot of the Watson Goepel Ad on CBC’s Website


You can also view the full ad on the firm’s YouTube channel.

Interested in YouTube Ads?

We can’t guarantee national news coverage for every YouTube advertisement, but we we are certainly intrigued by how this campaign has played out and the possibilities the platform holds. If you would like to learn more about YouTube advertising, contact one of us at Skunkworks for more information.


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