Year of the Dragon ushers in the arrival of new criminal defence firm Fowler and Smith, Barristers

Marni Macleod

Richard Fowler and Lyndsay Smith are well respected criminal defence counsel with years of experience in complex criminal litigation. They have been involved in some of BC’s most high profile criminal cases of the last ten years and have worked together on cases in one way or another since 2005.

They share a passion for the law, high professional standards and empathy for their clients. Whether the charge is extremely serious or a client is facing a less serious offence, they treat each case with the same commitment to detail and results because they fully recognize that the consequences are always serious to the people involved and to their families.

Given their like-minded approach to the practice of law, Richard and Lyndsay decided to collaborate and have recently established their own boutique criminal defence law firm, Fowler and Smith, Barristers.  They came to Skunkworks to help them develop a  corporate identity for their firm and a website to establish their online presence.

Taking cues for their offices in The Marine Building and photographs from this iconic Vancouver landmark we gave them a clean and simple word mark coupled with a visually unique website based on a WordPress Content Management System.  Both prolific trial lawyers, Lyndsay and Richard wanted a way to communicate the types of cases they are working on to prospective clients. As a result, we incorporated a Cases & News feature into the site that operates along the same lines as a blog and will allow them to talk about cases they think may be of interest to the public. We are very pleased with the resulting site and we wish Lyndsay and Richard every success in their new firm venture.


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