Why Does Westjet Beat the Tar Out of Air Canada…Without Even Trying?

Because Air Canada is it’s own worst enemy.  Can you tell I just got back from a trip?  Rather than recount the whole saga all I need to do is quote the counter person explaining in her best condescending manner to the guy in front of me (1 of 30 who had been bumped from flight to flight that day) that “Well Sir, in case you weren’t aware…every airline in the world oversells their flights so they can make a profit.”   Wow.  Operating a business based on what sounds like anticipatory breach of contract…can they do that?…should they do that?  I’m thinking no. However, there appears to be zero accountability in the airline industry these days so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

At least they didn’t break my guitar.  For those of you who haven’t seen it…when a United Airlines passenger had his Taylor Guitar broken by baggage handlers at O’Hare (who were observed throwing it around) and then went through a lengthy period of buck passing by United trying to get compensation he got understandabley annoyed and made the video “United Breaks Guitars” which has now been viewed worldwide by over 3 million people (see Chris Ayre’s article in the Times Online). Hmmmm, think it might have been cheaper to replace the guitar?  Maybe I should do an Air Canada rant, yeah, that’s it – an angry rap montage featuring Canadians from across the country recounting their experiences with AC.  I bet it wouldn’t be hard to find willing participants.


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