When your email signature is NOT the picture of good health

Marni Macleod

I’ve had a number emails of late land in my inbox showing multiple attachments but when opened there were no documents attached…zip, zero, nada. It took me a minute (well maybe not even that long) to realize that the attachments were images associated with the client’s email signature. One or two is ok but 5 or more? That’s waaaay too many. Moreover, as I discovered after discussing the issue with our Technical Director, Jay Holtslander (he loves this stuff) having an email signature as an attachment creates issues with disk storage and management of multiple signature versions. To avoid these problems the answer is to use an html email signature as opposed to using your email program to create your signature; not only will your emails look better…they won’t get caught in someone’s spam filter because of all those pesky attachments. You’re welcome.

Email signatures can be quite tricky to do correctly. Many email programs try to make it easier for non-technical people to create signatures within their mail programs but it usually results in the nuisance of image attachments being appended to every single email that person sends.

Over time this can create tens of thousands of image attachments being unnecessarily stored within your email. This could mean the difference between 100kb of mail storage used versus 1GB of storage.



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