When the internet bites…you. What to do about a bad Google review.

The practice of law often involves conflicts and disgruntled parties. Sometimes that overflows into the world of online reputation management. If you get a bad Google review, don’t panic. The first step is to investigate. Determine whether the reviewer actually has any connection with your business. If not, or the review is not based in fact, then the steps in Jessie’s article will help.

Even if there is a reason for a less than stellar review, treat it as an opportunity to identify what went sideways and how to address the underlying issues. Jessie’s post also underscores the rationale for making an effort to ask happy clients for reviews. We are all human, and sometimes things don’t go as well as we would like. However, if you’ve got a sufficient number of great reviews, a bad report will show as an anomaly and not the norm.

Thanks to Whitespark and @LowJessie for providing a useful process and set of things to think about.

Trying to have a fake or spammy Google review removed can sometimes feel as frustrating as receiving the review (some call into question if the guidelines or spam algos even work), however; it is still important to make attempts to have the review removed, even though there is no guarantee that Google will take it down.

Source: Whitespark


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