Welcome to Water Street

Doug Jasinski

It’s been a simultaneously hectic and energizing few months at Skunkworks as we have completed a number of major projects, launched ourselves into several more, and most recently, moved from our old Yaletown office into larger premises on Water Street in the nearby Gastown district of Vancouver.
For those not familiar with it, Gastown is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, and sits at an interesting cross-roads on the edge of the downtown business district. On one side sits the Canada Place cruise ship terminal, disgorging a seemingly endless stream of American tourists on their stop-over before heading up the Inside Pasage to Alaska. On the other side is Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside. In the middle, sits Gastown, which at the moment seems to be infused with an almost palpable energy as it re-invents itself for probably the tenth or eleventh time. High tech entrepreneurs, Vancouver Film School students, folks down on their luck, small business owners and artisans seem to all be in the mix. It’s not typical fare for many lawyers, but it sure feels like the right spot for an agency like Skunkworks that straddles both the legal industry and the advertising agency worlds. All of us at the agency are feeling the sense of renewal that a change of environment often brings, and looking forward to settling in for a longer stretch this time in our newly expanded HQ.


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