Vancouver WordCamp 2013 … information overload but in a really good way.

Marni Macleod
WordCamp Swag

Rob Golbeck and I recently attended “Vancouver WordCamp 2013.” And you thought camp was just for kids. Not so.

First, a shout out to the volunteer organizers of this well attended (sold out) event. Well done and a big thank you to: Joey Kudish, Jill Binder and Flynn O’Connor. The downtown Vancouver BCIT Venue was great and the rest of the operations side went smoothly (well the lunch line was a tad long but the lunch was fabulous so we forgive). We split up to cover as many tracks as we could and from what we saw the speaker line up included a good batch of All-Stars drawn from designers, developers and client management professionals. Personally, there was not one session that I came away empty handed and both Rob and I have a whole whack of new additions to our respective client tool kits. Bottomline is that it was well worth the time and we remain as incredibly impressed with WordPress as ever.

For those of you who missed out, click to view the WordCamp Vancouver 2013 schedule.

There also continues to be a good bit of Tweeting and sharing going on at #wcyvr and all of the speakers were graciously making their presentations available on their websites. Further, since there was a whole lot of filming going on I believe most of the live presentations will eventually be available on WordCampTV. While you are waiting for the Vancouver sessions there is tonnes of information available from previous WordCamps that may be of interest.

We build a lot of client websites on WordPress and we are very excited to see the ongoing growth and improvements being made to this client friendly, intuitive and flexible platform. Can’t wait to see what comes next! Application platform anyone?



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