Vancouver Island’s RLR Lawyers Have a New Website


Skunkworks recently had the pleasure of assisting one of Vancouver Island’s largest law firms, RLR Lawyers, with the redevelopment of their website. Offering a diverse range of legal services from offices in Nanaimo and Port Alberni, RLR Lawyers provides clients throughout Vancouver Island with multi-faceted solutions to a variety of legal needs.

With this in mind, our goal was to create a website that combined simple navigation with a crisp design highlighting RLR’s commitment and service to the residents of Vancouver Island. To achieve this goal, Skunkworks did away with the ubiquitous top navigation structure common to professional services websites and instead developed a site with a large expandable background image of the Nanaimo marina placed subtly between two side-navs. This unique menu design allowed us to create a website that is both visually interesting and easy to navigate. Further, the expandable background image adds a touch of interactivity to stimulate users and encourage them to explore the site.

In addition to the creative navigation structure, we also integrated social media tools directly into the homepage of RLR’s new website. The new RLR website also features social media accessibility on each of the individual lawyer Bio Pages. This is a feature that we believe will become increasingly popular as more and more law firm’s recognize the advertising potential of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition to social media integration, each lawyer Bio Page also contains a downloadable V-Card. These virtual business cards allow users to automatically save their lawyer’s contact information into their digital address books – a worthwhile addition to any service professional’s online bio.

We were happy to assist RLR Lawyers during the development of their new website, and wish them ongoing success as they continue to serve the residents of Vancouver Island.


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