UVIC Law Launches Vistas – A New Online Alumni Magazine

For most in the legal profession, being a lawyer isn’t just what you do;  It is a part of who you are.   It becomes a lifelong part of your personal identity, regardless of how long you practice.  As such, law school – the place where that new identity is first forged – acts as an important marker for that defining transition in your life. 

One of the distinguishing characteristics of our agency is that three of us here at Skunkworks have “walked the walk” of our law firm clients, having worked as lawyers ourselves.  That, of course, entails having gone to law school somewhere along the way.  For both myself and our Client Services Director Marni MacLeod, that law school was the University of Victoria.  Both of us hold fond memories of our years at UVIC, and as such we are very excited to have recently welcomed the law school as an agency client. UVIC Law Dean Donna Greschner has made strengthening the communication channels between the law school and its alumni a priority.  To that end we began working late last year with the school on the launch of a LinkedIn Alumni group which now includes over 500 members and continues to grow quickly, providing a convenient way for UVIC Law grads to stay abreast of faculty news.  

Connecting UVic Law Alumni

VISTAS - The UVIC LAW Alumni MagazineNow we are pleased to have collaborated with the faculty on our next initiative – the new alumni e-publication Vistas. We have strived to create a publication that provides the expected updates on alumni activities and important contributions to the school, along with some unexpected wrinkles along the way (such as a tongue-in-cheek WIRED-magazine-inspired infographic on whether or not older grads should swap their LL.B.s for a shiny new J.D. parchment).  There is a lot of good work happening at UVic Law and we are very happy to be involved in telling that story.  

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