User Experience Design

One of the most important things to worry about when creating a website is how the user will interact with it.  A good site will allow your visitors to know intuitively where to find the information they need, and how to find that information as quickly as possible. Alternatively, a bad site will confuse your visitors, and they may click away before they find what they are looking for, never to return again.

User experience design is all about tailoring every aspect of your site to provide the best possible experience to your visitors. The website should be aesthetically pleasing in a way that allows the user to easily see the content. It should be structured and organized so that it is easy to navigate and related content is grouped together in a distinctive and meaningful manner. Lastly it should be as simplified as possible; ideally the user should be able to get where they need to go with just one or two clicks.

Its easy to test if your website has good user experience design – just pretend you are the user. Ask yourself: why am I here? How do I find “X”? Is this site easy to use?

Keep user experience in mind and you will see the difference it can make in sales, traffic, and satisfaction.


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