Treading Lightly – The Business of Being Green.

Marni Macleod

It’s a rainy day in Vancouver (this is actually good since we just finished the dryiest June in eons) and looking for inspiration I went window shopping.  I found….English Retreads maker of truly unique bags and accessories out of … truck tire inner tubes.  Whether you are vegan, sortah vegetarian, carnavore or omnivore – these bags are well designed, totally functional, waterproof, and in line with the trend to reuse and recycle so we can sustain our little blue planet.  Located in Boulder, Colorado the “Pit Crew” as they call themselves are members of the green business community, treat their employees right and are just so damn “good” it makes me suspicious (weren’t there a bunch of alien sitings in Boulder…or maybe that was Mork & Mindy — you young ‘uns will have no clue what I just said but that’s ok).  Rambling aside, a good, functional handbag or tote is worth it’s weight in gold (or truck tires).  In Vancouver you can find them at Resurrected on Cordova in historic Gastown.  Maybe if the good folks at English Retreads see this they will remember to put that hardworking little store on their official retailers list since they don’t seem to have anyone else selling their stuff in Vancouver.

Here’s a few picks of some of their fun things but go see for yourself – Resurrected has a decent selection and can order stuff in if you ask nicely.


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