Torys Takes A Fresh Approach with 2011 M&A Trends Video

Doug Jasinski

There is no question the use of video online is expanding at a prodigious pace.  Nevertheless,  many lawyers and law firms are still wrestling with the question of how to make effective use of the format in a way that is both compelling for viewers, and yet still satisfies lawyers’ notions of professionalism and good taste.  To that end, I want to highlight a recent video that Torys LLP has created to accompany their 2011 M&A Trends report.

The video (click on the image below to watch it on youtube) captures a high-speed rendition of a professional illustrator’s handiwork using simple pen and ink sketches to illustrate key themes being discussed as a Torys’ partner provides a no-nonsense narration on the audio track.  Because the expectation in a corporate law context is that we are going to see the traditional talking heads approach, the use of illustration and the high-speed effect create an element of visual interest that’s often lacking in legal video (and there is a particularly nice touch bringing it all together at the end).   Using a real partner on the audio track also gives it an authenticity that it would otherwise lack with a professional voiceover .   At a full 2 and a half minutes it’s perhaps a touch longer than might be ideal, but beyond that small nit I’d say this one’s a winner.  I hope more firms will look for fresh approaches like this as video takes firmer hold in the legal marketing landscape.


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