Tis the Season for Law Firms to Give Generously (and Receive Some Google Goodwill)

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Vancouver’s legal community is consistently generous during the holiday season. Amidst the parties and holiday hampers, many law firms give significant financial gifts to local charities. At Skunkworks, we are lucky to work with several law firms who donate considerable sums, often without much public acknowledgement.

While most law firms give solely out of community support and a generous spirit, there is something very specific that the charities can do to say thanks (other than issuing a tax receipt). I am referring to having a list of acknowledgements on the charity’s website linking to the donors. This is something so simple that it can be easily overlooked. While a thank you card is always appreciated, an inbound link can have lasting SEO value for a business.

In terms of law firm SEO, what could be a better than helping those in need and receiving goodwill through Google?

Lawyers, take out your cheque books. Just don’t forget to ask Santa for some links.


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