The Netbook Revolution.

I’m a self-admitted tech junkie. I spend time each day checking the sites/blogs for what’s hot and what’s not in the beautiful world of technology.

It seems the biggest thing these days are ‘netbooks’ which are basically fully functioning computers but in smaller, more manageable sizes. These netbooks are usually under 2-3 pounds and about half the size of a traditional notebook. Take the lastest Sony Vaio P series netbook (see below) which measures 9.6″ x 4.7″ and comes in at a svelte 1.4 pounds. You’ll be the new cool if you whip one of these out at your local coffee shop, even though it’s not sporting an apple emblem.

Sony Vaio P

Why netbooks? Here’s a few reasons:

form factor – smaller yet still has a good size keyboard and screen

price – usually fairly cheap in comparison to their big brothers

ease of use – netbooks tend to come with stripped down OS’s which give you just the basics

Get ready Santa – I know what I’m going to crave this coming holiday season.

Click here to find more info on the Sony Vaio P series ‘netbook’.


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