The Great Email Consent Gold Rush of 2014

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

With Canada’s anti-spam legislation coming into force on July 1st, professional services firms are rushing to “use it or lose it” with their mailing lists. If your firm has an existing mailing list that you use to reach clients, prospects, or people in your referral network, you’ll need them to expressly opt-in to receive future communications. If you don’t obtain this opt-in by July 1st, your contact list’s value will immediately drop to zero. The risks and legality of the anti-spam regulations have been covered in detail elsewhere.  For our purposes, this is a simple reminder that the clock is ticking. You’ll want to make sure that you have a strategy for chasing down all those express consents. There is wiggle room for “implied consents,” but we don’t recommend going this route. You’ll also want to make sure that any newsletter (MailChimp, ConstantContact etc) and sign-up systems that your firm uses are compliant with the new regulations (opt-ins and unsubscribes).

Public domain image of man panning for gold

There are severe penalties for non-compliance. The maximum fine for organizations is $10 million canadian dollars. Do we have your attention yet? We expect regulators will be looking to make early examples of a few unlucky organizations. Don’t let this be your law firm/accountancy/veterinary practice/investment group.

You have 75 Days!




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