The Final Frontier: Video Blogging For Law Firms

Video content is quickly becoming the dominant form of online media. YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, and it’s been noted that streaming video accounts for at least 51% of all Internet traffic. Moreover, it’s predicted that this number will reach 91% by 2014.

For law firms, this trend is a bit unnerving. Many firms and professional organizations are just now adapting to traditional online marketing strategies like company websites, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine optimization driven blogging. For many, the idea of posting promotional videos to YouTube seems like a leap into dangerous and unexplored territory. Others are embracing the medium.  At Skunkworks we’ve had the pleasure of working with Feldstein Family Law Group: an Ontario law firm that has moved into online video marketing in a big way.

Feldstein Family Law’s YouTube Channel features 90 informative videos and has accumulated over 16,000 views. With Feldstein Family Law’s success, other firms are sure to follow.


Some Tips On Video Blogging

Know Your Audience

If you work for a law firm, people are likely accessing your online content for information, not entertainment. Your video content should be interesting, but keep in mind that you are not attempting to wrestle away viewers from Funny or Die. Stick to messages that are direct, informative, and helpful. 

Make It Snappy

The video analytics company Visible Measures found that 19.4% of online viewers abandon a video within the first 10 seconds and that a further 44.1% of viewers abandon online videos within the first 60 seconds.  The take-away from this is clear: make your videos short and to the point. Start them off with a flourish that engages users from the outset.

Audio Rules

Video is a communication medium. If your viewers cannot hear what you are saying, then all the effort that you put into the production of your video content will have been for naught. If you’re going to invest in video, make sure that the sound is free from distortion. Also be sure to check that there is no obnoxious buzzing, humming, or crackling occurring in the background.

Is Video Blogging Right For Your Firm?

Here are some additional reasons why you should consider adding streaming media to your marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization

YouTube is the second most popular search engine globally and in Canada. This is a fact that many marketers tend to forget.  By creating YouTube videos, you are making your firm more visible to potential clients.

Video Adds Personality

Writing blog entries is a great way to communicate ideas. However, communicating with a user through writing is nowhere near as personal as communicating with them through video. By creating content rich videos you will be able to connect with your viewers in a way that is far more powerful.

Access Different Channels

Video content and written content appeal to different audiences. Although there is a significant overlap between users that read articles online and users that watch online videos, developing a marketing method that takes advantage of  both mediums ensures that you will be reaching the largest possible audience. Moreover, video is an incredibly flexible medium. Your filmed content could be embedded on your website, uploaded to YouTube, promoted on Facebook, or – if produced extremely well – aired on television.

Below you’ll find a commercial created for the legal franchise Quality Solicitors: an extraordinarily large firm that has devoted significant resources to making video content the right way. It cannot be long until national firms in Canada decide to follow their example.


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