The CLawBies and the Coach

Two points of recognition to start off the new year. First, a big thanks to Steve Matthews of the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog for creating the Canada Law Blog awards (a.k.a. “the CLawBies”) to showcase some of the best work currently being done in the legal blogging space here in Canada. There are a number of gems there that are definitely worth exploring further if you are involved in the legal industry in this country. Steve has done a great job turning his blog into a key online resource and this is just another of his many valuable contributions.
Secondly, kudos to Skunkworks’ client Allison Wolf, who has recently left her long-time role as the senior in-house marketer at Harper Grey LLP to pursue her own entrepreneurial dreams as the owner of Shift Works Strategic Business Coaching. In conjunction with her new direction, Allison has recently started The Lawyer Coach Blog and, well, insert your own passage about ducks and their natural affinity for water here. In her first month she has already garnered herself one of the afforementioned CLawBies in the category of Practice Management, and is quickly emerging as a thought leader online. Nicely done to both.


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