The creative team

Jordan Milev

Jordan Milev / Creative Director

Scouting Report

Book-Learnin': American University in Bulgaria, Art Institute of Vancouver

Elixir of Choice: Any herbal tea known to humanity

Ninja Skill: Shiva-like multifunctionality, Spock-like rigour.

Weird Office Behaviour: Rain Dance in bathroom sink.

Addiction(s): Terry Pratchett's Discworld, nature documentaries, cycling, music.

Personal Kryptonite: Olives, lemons.

Hidden Truth: Learned how to write backwards in mirror image with both hands while in Bulgarian military.

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Films Sir David Attenborough's exploits.

Jay Holtslander / Technical Director

Scouting Report

Book-Learnin': VFS, School of hard knocks

Elixir of Choice: Starbucks drip coffee, Gin & Tonics

Ninja Skill: DevOps, Design, Code. (Oh and Shurikens)

Weird Office Behaviour: Able to maintain verbal silence for hours on end.

Addiction(s): Caffeine, Movies, Social Media

Personal Kryptonite: Skinny Ties, Bacon, Kitties

Hidden Truth: Co-founded the first fully accredited coding school in Canada, Can assemble Ikea furniture in pitch darkness without seeing the instructions, Owns a lightsaber.

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Is Indiana Jones.

Cintia Stela

Cintia Stela / Associate Creative Director

Scouting Report

Book-Learnin': Cásper Líbero College (Brazil)

Elixir of Choice: A mix of green smoothies, tea and coffee

Ninja Skill: Infusing genuine warmth into websites

Weird Office Behaviour: Whistling songs

Addiction(s):  Sushi

Personal Kryptonite: Cheesy food, Netflix

Hidden Truth: Loves watching food-based reality TV

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Is a successful pop song writer

Chris Botting

Chris Botting / Senior Interactive Developer

Scouting Report

Book-Learnin': Douglas College

Elixir of Choice: Moringa, Berkey-filtered water

Ninja Skill: Website front-ends clients drool over

Weird Office Behaviour:

Addiction(s): NRC Hobby Shop, Quake 2

Personal Kryptonite: Authority

Hidden Truth: May have failed college course due to video game addiction.

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Wears a suit and tie to work.