Tattoos and Alternatives to Paint Fumes…

Marni Macleod

So I’m thinking of getting my kids some tattoos — wall tattoos that is.  I have to say I am not a big fan of painting.  It’s expensive, it’s messy, it’s smelly (even with the low fume paints) and it’s environmentally not so good.  So, imagine my delight when I stumbled on the fine folks at Surface Collective…makers and purveyors of wall tattoos (aka decals).  If you’re used to those cheesy borders or wall stencils you get at the Home Despot (yes, I did mean to say Despot) then you are in for a rare treat with the Surface Collective – ’cause their stuff is coooooool.

See what I mean:

As you can see from the samples above, Surface Collective offers a diverse collection of design alternatives that allow you to tweak what you’ve got without a great deal of muss, fuss or expense.  Perfect for the quick living space make over and cheap enough to give students of all types (and parents with picky kids) a budget break without having to sacrifice style.  It also helps that Principal & Creative Director, Rod Tasaka, is a hell of a nice guy.  He, along with his crew of hard working local talent, are preparing amazing designs right here in Vancouver.  Formerly located in a loft in Gastown the collective has moved over to West 8th but you can still reach them through their website. Go on, support the local talent, you know you waaannnah.

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