Start Saving For a Condo In Space.

Jordan Milev

Fresh from the latest Star Trek release (yes, it’s very well done), I was very excited to learn that a Canadian 12-grade student from Toronto has recently won NASA’s Space Settlement Competition, beating 875 students in his age group. Eric Yam is the first Canadian to win the award in the contest’s 16-year history.

So what is it going to look like? Well, like a gigantic 1.6 kilometre-high cylinder made up of a series of stacked habitation rings. The entire structure rotates on its axis, simulating Earth-like gravity for the lucky 10,000 inhabitants.

According to the meticulous 92-page paper, it will cost US$563 billion and will take 30 years in total for the earthlings to begin an extraterrestrial existence.

Yes, a condo comes at US$56 M. Start saving now.

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