Small Firm Innovation Website: New School vs. Old School Social Networking

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Our friends over at Clio (Vancouver-based SaaS practice management software) have developed a new site for sole practitioners and small firms under the name Small Firm Innovation. One of the main topics is legal marketing, with June’s theme being “Old School Marketing.” I quite liked Nicole Black’s post on how social media isn’t a replacement for traditional networking (firm handshakes).

If I’ve learned anything about emerging communications technologies, its that despite their immediate hype, they tend to coexist with the mediums they are supposedly replacing. As I watched last night’s post-hockey madness on TV, my soundtrack was provided by FM radio news, while the editorial commentary was added through social media sites.  Lawyers need to to understand the merits of each set of tools before they can make personal decisions on what works best for them.


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