Skunkworks launches new website for Kelly Harvey Russ Law Corporation, Family Lawyer and Mediator

Marni Macleod

Kelly Harvey Russ has focused his law practice on family law matters for the past 17 years.  He is a British Columbia family lawyer who saw early on that litigation is not the only, nor always the best, solution to resolving the breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship. As a result, he took the necessary steps to get certified as both a Family Law Mediator and a Child Protection Mediator.

He came to Skunkworks looking for assistance in expanding his law corporation’s online presence beyond his Twitter account.

Kelly was happy to continue to use his existing logo and colour palette so we simply incorporated them into a custom WordPress site design. Family law matters tend to be situations where emotions run high and Kelly wanted a site that was straightforward and easy to use. We kept the number of pages to a minimum and emphasized his philosophy which is to protect the dignity of his clients during the resolution process. To help ensure the presence of refreshed content on the site we incorporated his Twitter feed and included Google Analytics so that he can monitor the traffic to his site.

The design is calm and creates an approachable atmosphere. You can check out the results here:

 Congratulations Kelly. We hope you enjoy your new online real estate.


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