Skunkworks collaborates with boutique criminal law firm Martland & Saulnier to develop their new brand and website:

Marni Macleod

We were happy to get a call from UVic Law Alumni Brock Martland and Joe Saulnier when they set about transitioning Smart, Harris, Martland to their new law firm Martland & Saulnier. Brock and Joe have joined forces with lawyers Matthew Scott and Jennifer Dyck in a new iteration of this criminal law boutique based in downtown Vancouver.  Our first task was to develop a new corporate identity for the firm. In this case we developed a logo and a word mark. Given their proximity to the Vancouver Law Courts we took the distinctive angles from Arthur Erickson’s architectural style and applied them to a new icon for the firm.

Martland Saulnier Identity

Next we turned our attention to their web presence. These lawyers are embracing change and they took that mindset along when they talked to us about what they wanted to see for their new website. We helped them to develop a new site map and encouraged them to try something a little different for their new firm. We didn’t have to push too hard because this group already understood the importance of making a unique and distinctive impression. In this case, we suggested they try a format based on a relevant large background image. Again, since their offices happen to overlook the Law Courts, one of Vancouver’s more recognizable buildings, we used this location feature as their background image and also opted for larger Bio page images to provide a distinctive look and feel:

Website Martland Saulnier

The site also happens to incorporate responsive design so that if you are looking at it on a smaller screen the Bio page image snaps to an appropriate scale:

Website Martland Saulnier - Lawyer's page (maximum width)



The lawyers at the firm did the heavy lifting on the content generation side and we focused on completing the design. All in all, we are very happy with the results and we look forward to seeing this firm of dedicated and talented lawyers prosper.

View the full site here:


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