Short & Sweet Law Firm Names

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

At Skunkworks, we are keen followers of law firm naming conventions. I have previously posted some of my views on law firm names to this blog. I went with Small Law Corporation for my business law firm because I suspected that the Internet wasn’t craving a Hessing-Lewis branded firm. The politics would have been more challenging with a larger group of law partners. My experience has been that many law firm partners are perfectly happy leaving their name out of the masthead. There is far less vanity than you might think.

Skunkworks client, Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck LLP, an established group of Ottawa labour & employment lawyers, was faced with just such a decision. They went with Raven Law for domains and web copy, without losing their long-form name for other uses. This was well before our involvement, but it does offer an example of how to make a partnership name into something more practical. Lawyers have always enjoyed defined names. Raven Law works very well. It is succinct, evocative, and memorable. In other words, short and sweet.


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