Sheffman & Company Launches New Immigration Law Website

Sheffman & Co Website

We are delighted to announce that Sheffman & Company has launched a refreshed website at  We built Robbie Sheffman‘s original website back in 2010 when he opened his doors in Victoria as an immigration law boutique operating as the Robert S. Sheffman Law Corporation. At that point, Robbie had been successfully helping business and individual clients with their immigration matters for close to 20 years. He wanted a website that was easy for clients to understand and navigate.

Focus on Types of Immigration and Citizenship Matters

Taking queues from the original site, we used page titles that clients were likely to recognize from their own online research and documentation available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Having worked with Robbie for the past five years we knew that the content he produces is well received. Therefore, we encouraged him to expand on a number of the specific sub-practice areas relevant to immigration law clients. He has plans to continue creating more detailed content as time permits. In the meantime, we included a full list of the matters that he handles for his clients with links to more in-depth information.

Media Centre to Showcase Engagement

Robbie’s expertise is well documented in the media. Before becoming a lawyer, Robbie was a sports analyst and associate producer at TSN, Canada’s national television sports network. He also led a team to successfully establish an FM radio station at Toronto’s York University. As such, Robbie is well acquainted with the process for developing timely, relevant news stories. More recently, Robbie has been active providing information to journalists (radio, TV and print) on current Canadian immigration issues. To reflect this engagement and Robbie’s willingness to provide commentary on immigration policy and events we included a Media Centre on his new website.

Sheffman & Company Media Centre

Shortly after Robbie decided it was time for a website refresh, he began discussions with Benton Mischuk, an immigration lawyer with over 17 years of experience working as a lawyer and with the federal and BC immigration systems. In April 2015, Benton joined Sheffman & Company and a bit of website tweaking was necessary to showcase Benton’s significant and diverse experience. The beauty of the WordPress platform is that this was a simple process.

Responsive Design

The website is set up so that clients can quickly determine whether the issue they face is among the extensive list of matters that Robbie and Benton handle. In keeping with the growing number of people who search for legal information online using mobile devices (and to comply with Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm) we built Robbie and Benton’s site so that it is responsive and displays well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Robbie was keen to keep the site clean and uncluttered so we opted for larger images and pared down navigation with links to more detailed information. We are very pleased with the result and we hope it will be useful for clients looking for expertise on Canadian immigration and citizenship matters.



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