Seven deadly sins of professional services marketing

Doug Jasinski

There is a nice little article on common mistakes in professional services marketing on the website this month: Read the full article here.
The article describes the 7 sins as follows:
1. Self-centredness
2. Wordiness
3. Jargon
4. Staleness
5. cliché images
6. No images
7. Rigidity
The points about wordiness and imagery are well-founded in the legal marketing context. Lawyers are word-savvy by nature, and naturally tend towards heavier reliance on words than images. Most good marketing pieces however tend to have an immediate visual and emotional impact that words alone can’t generate. And when law firms do include imagery in their advertising, there is an over-reliance on the familiar – scales of justice, gavels and greek columns abound. The problem with this sort of imagery is that it is so over-used that it fails to generate the visual interest or emotional response that is the touchstone of good advertising. An unexpected image surprises the viewer and compels them to “solve the puzzle” by studying the ad more closely and reading the supporting copy to resolve the question in their mind of what that unusual image is doing there.


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