“Get me to the top of Google!” Your boss shouts at you from across the room. Frantically, you Google whether or not this is even possible. You’ll find that the short answer is “it depends.”

As a certified Google AdWords partner, Skunkworks can swiftly help you reach the top of the pervasive search engine’s sponsored ads. Our AdWords experts will perform keyword research and development, set-up your pay-per-click campaigns, and manage your bidding strategy. In addition to search network campaigns, we also manage display/banner ad campaigns. These banner campaigns allow you to place artfully designed ads on sites including  The New York TimesForbes, and The Globe and Mail, increasing brand identity and driving traffic to your site.

Improving your organic search results is a little more difficult and requires a dedicated strategy that includes organic link building, building out reviews and recommendations, the utilization of social media listings, placements and profile development, blog integration, online directory listings, and content development.

Skunkworks provides an ongoing retainer service for clients who seek to improve their online visibility and generate new business development from their digital properties. We also offer consulting on existing campaigns as well as training for firms looking to develop these capabilities in-house.

When it comes to SEO/SEM, we know what we’re doing. Don’t believe us? Google it.

Social Media

Want to get your message out to your audience? Go to where their eyes are. Worldwide, Facebook has 1.35 billion active users. LinkedIn and Google+ have 300 million active users. Twitter has 284 million active users. Even Instagram – launched in 2010 – has 75 million active users. To put these numbers into perspective, last year’s Super Bowl drew a relatively meager audience of 108 million viewers; and it’s been around since 1967.

So how do you get your message out to your audience? You broadcast your message on social media.

We help professional service firms develop and design social media profiles, company pages, twitter handles, and other social tools. We also provide training for firms unfamiliar with social media and digital public relations.

What are you waiting for? Expand your brand. Get social.

Display Ads

Display Ads

A full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times costs roughly $180,000. Our clients’ ads run on the New York Times website for roughly $10 a day. The power of the Google Display network cannot be overstated. Using geographic targeting and taking advantage of the global reach of online publications, Google has developed an ad platform that allows businesses to highlight their brands – at a very reasonable cost – on the world’s most frequently viewed and influential sites.

As an AdWords certified Partner, we create custom display ads that conform to Google’s Best Practices and policies; ensuring maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost. We have accumulated a wealth of experience managing Google Display campaigns for professional service firms. If you’re a law firm, veterinary firm, accounting firm, or engineering firm, it’s a good bet that we know the best websites to reach your audience, build your brand, and increase your profits.

Put yourself on display. It’s worth it.



Legal newsletters have been around since time immemorial. The paper and papyrus versions of these newsletters were used to keep clients informed of relevant changes in the law, maintain brand recognition, and showcase the breadth of a firm’s expertise. E-newsletters are meant to achieve the exact same goals, but through the use of 21st century technology.

Well versed in MailChimp, and deeply aware of recent anti-spam legislation, we help clients plan, devise, and design the newsletters that they send out to clients. MailChimp also allows us to review and analyze data regarding the total number of recipients, which clients engaged with the newsletter, their level of engagement, and conversion metrics. The result is a firm newsletter that, overtime, becomes increasingly relevant to clients.

If you’re a professional services firm, an E-newsletter is a no brainer.

Update a classic.