Stuff We All Get. Classy and memorable SWAG has become a critical accessory to distinguish professional service firms from one another. Go to any Law School, and you will hear students ranking firms based on the quality of branded pens, laptop cases, and coffee mugs that have ended up in their greedy hands. SWAG also provides a chance for firms to burn their brand identity into the minds of potential and current clients. While your print advertisement might occupy the eye of a client for thirty seconds, a cleverly designed office accessory might stay on their desk – reinforcing your firm’s brand identity – for upwards of twenty years.

Unfortunately, professional service firms have discovered the power of SWAG en mass and embraced it wholeheartedly – rendering your carefully branded pen just another well-intentioned but ignored office supply buried in some first-year associate’s desk. To guard against these SWAG tragedies, Skunkworks has developed relationships with several third-party vendors who supply superior products at a  reasonable cost. We are also always looking at new product lines and current industry trends to ensure that our clients’ SWAG includes items that future clients, current clients, students, and other professionals will cling to.

We help clients pick items for branding, resize the firms logo and other designs to fit promotional products, manage the purchase of these items from third-party vendors, and everything in between.

Stuff We All Get. We Get It.