Programmatic Ads and Reputation Management – What you Need to Consider

Marni Macleod

I get the efficiencies to be gained through programmatic ads but I have never been very comfortable with this tool in the professional services context. Turns out I am not alone.


…. an online study of more than 300 senior marketing decision makers, along with perspectives from among the CMO Council’s membership…focus is on the impact of programmatic media buying and automated digital advertising placement on brand reputation, consumer perception and customer trust. The results paint a worry picture in terms of brand integrity and trust online. Amongst the headline findings were the following:

72% of brand advertisers engaged in programmatic buying are concerned about brand integrity and control in digital display placement
43% reported reputation problems after a negative adjacency incident
22% had examples of where brand advertising inadvertently supported or adjoined offensive and compromising content, topics or audiences
78% say the top impact of negative adjacency is reputation damage

Source: World Trademark Review


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