Jeremy Hessing-Lewis, M.SC, J.D. / Senior Digital Advisor

Scouting Report

Book-Learnin': Queen's, U of Ottawa, London School of Economics

Elixir of Choice: Earl Grey tea

Ninja Skill: Sorting it out

Weird Office Behaviour: Types with pencils

Addiction(s):  Bike gear

Personal Kryptonite: Saying no (or not answering the phone)

Hidden Truth: Owns freakishly garish honey badger socks

In an Alternate Universe This Person: Makes pies for a living

Jeremy is the Technical Director at Skunkworks.

His role at the agency is to act as systems integrator and project manager. He works with clients to develop an online presence that is relevant, elegant, sustainable and secure. He also manages search engine marketing campaigns and advises clients on social media options. He is a Google Qualified Individual.

Jeremy has spent most of his career at the intersection of law and technology. Prior to joining Skunkworks, Jeremy worked as a lawyer in Vancouver. He articled at McMillan LLP (then Lang Michener LLP) and worked briefly as a sole-practitioner before joining Global Relay Communications Inc. as an associate corporate counsel. Representative work included managing export controls for software containing encryption, assessments of international privacy and data protection laws, bouts with patent trolls, and document automation of standard form precedents. Jeremy continues to practice business law through Small Law Corporation.

Jeremy was previously a member of the On the Identity Trail research team, studying anonymity, privacy, and identity in a networked society. During this time he completed internships at EPIC and at the Internet Governance Forum. He has also worked with Creative Commons Canada advocating for additional flexibility in copyright law.

In the early days, Jeremy worked as a systems administrator, web-monkey, and Java developer while studying computer science. His masters thesis is entitled, Connecting the Commons: An Extended Model of Social Capital in Electronic Networks of Practice and makes for excellent bedside reading.

Jeremy is also a beekeeper and pie chef.


• J.D. — University of Ottawa – 2008 – option in law & technology

• M.Sc. — London School of Economics & Political Science – 2005 – analysis, design & management of information systems

• B.A. (Hon.) – 2004 – Queen’s University – philosophy & computer science