Pacific Legal Technology Conference 2015

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Doug Jasinski and I will be presenting at the 2015 Pacific Legal Technology Conference this upcoming October 2nd. This year’s theme is Old Law to Bold Law.

Doug is presenting with Chilwin Cheng of Ascendion Law on The Business and Marketing Case for Reinventing Your Law Firm:

Marketing is not just about using Social Media. Business is not just about worrying about the numbers. Business combined with Marketing embraces viewing your practice from the perspective of the client and then building a business case to ensure that your firm is doing everything possible to provide value to your target market. Along the way, your technology should be aligned with both your strategic business plan and your marketing plan. This session is all about rethinking how you approach the market and how

I will be speaking as part of a panel on Increasing Workflows: Document Automation, Document Management and Practice Management:

Setting up a paperless office is more than acquiring scanners, OCR software and providing for remote access into the server. The better adaptations to the paperless office have involved changing the workflows in the office to implement document automation along with document management and integrate that into the management of the practice. This discussion session will be led by our speakers to explore the range of considerations, best practices and change management

I am also presenting a session with Andrea Cannavina on Getting Efficient with Technology:

According to E&T Magazine, information technology has led to a 480% increase in productivity per hoursince 1972. Predictions are that this increase will only continue as advances in technology continue and as businesses adopt these enabling technologies. This session will explore how you can ride this productivity wave. Our speakers will explore both the range of options available to you, the legal and ethical considerations in their adaption as well as best practices for implementing them into your firm.

The full program is available along with registration details here.


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