Pacific Legal Technology Conference 2009 – Debrief – No More “Ping”.

Marni Macleod

This year’s Pacific Legal Technology Conference (held this past Friday) was fantastic.  I am still suffering from information overload but I will try to share some of the take aways that I found most useful over the coming days.  First, up… a shout out to Pete Roberts and Dan Pinnington for their practical session “Time and Task Management for Busy Lawyers.”  I just implemented their number one tip…and turned off my email alerts.  I feel a bit panicky and anxious but I have been assured that distractions due to incoming email are a huge productivity killer.  So, I have decided to see if I notice any appreciable difference in my day if I remove myself from being on “email call”.  Instead of responding in Pavlovian fashion to the “ping” of email hitting my inbox I’m going to try checking it only every couple of hours and see what that’s like. Then I should have more time to blog about the rest of the conference!


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