Violeta Gallegos

Violeta Gallegos

Digital Marketing Strategist

Violeta is a marketeer with more than eight years of experience working in the marketing field. She joined the Skunkworks team in 2022 and currently works as a Marketing Strategist. Her primary role is to lead the marketing efforts for different clients while collaborating with the multifunctional team to “make things happen.”

Violeta has experience working with clients from a variety of sectors and sizes, including medical devices, insurance, financial, law firms and food and beverage companies, among others. Her marketing experience has been in executing and coordinating digital marketing campaigns, social media strategies, digital advertising, event planning, and traditional marketing campaigns for recognized brands.

Violeta enjoys bringing fresh and creative solutions. She enjoys developing strategies while focusing on sales-oriented results. She likes to use a customer-centric approach when talking to her clients. Her international experience includes working for companies in Mexico, USA and Canada.

Outside of her work, she enjoys travelling to new places, learning from new cultures, and, most importantly, trying new food.


  • Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Digital Marketing Institute -2021
  • Certified Digital Marketing, San Diego University, 2019
  • MBA, University Canada West - 2022
  • Bachelor’s in Marketing, Anahuac University - 2010

Book-Learnin': MBA, UCW 2022 /BA in Marketing, Anahuac University 2010

Elixer of Choice: Carajillo

Ninja Skill: A can-do attitude and creative thinking

Weird Office Behavior: Singing when nobody is around

Addiction(s): Traveling to remote places, trying street food, sleeping.

Personal Kryptonite: Chocolate chip cookies

Hidden-truth: Spiders terrify me (just ask my husband).

In an Alternate Universe This Person: is a top-secret spy like La Femme Nikita.