Morale Officer

Boris is a valued member of the agency who thrives on teamwork and likes to run real fast and eat chimkin treatos. He prefers working remotely from home but is a dedicated and loyal servant to the organization when duty obliges him to attend office headquarters.

Boris enjoys his primary role as morale officer but also regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer security officer, keeping the office safe from delivery people, unknown visitors and intruders of any kind.

Away from work Boris is an active outdoor enthusiast and enjoys walks in the park, treats at the neighbourhood coffee shop, playing with other doggos and hunting down with extreme prejudice any ne’erdowell who dares cross his path on a bike or skateboard. However, he is making good progress on his anger management issues as they relate to passing cars.

Boris is also active on social media and invites you to follow his instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/boristhedoggonv


  • Ann Jackson In-home consultation
  • Ann Jackson Puppy Perfect Obedience Class – Kindergarten
  • Ann Jackson Puppy Perfect Obedience Class - Beginners
  • Bravo Dog Training & Behaviour – Private lessons
  • North Vancouver dog parks – Assorted