One more vendor for your legal marketing rolodex – Stem Legal

Doug Jasinski

Stem Legal

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Call me a homer but I continue to be impressed by the depth and quality of service providers to the legal marketing industry coming out of the Vancouver market. Add to that growing list Stem Legal:, the newest brainchild of Steve Matthews, formerly the Knowledge Services Director at Vancouver law firm Clark Wilson LLP, and the man behind the very popular Vancouver Law Librarian Blog.

Steve’s work while at Clark Wilson demonstrated his extensive knowledge of internet marketing for law firms. Simply put, Steve was doing things several years ago that many large firms are still trying to get their heads around today – RSS feeds for one. Now he is offering that expertise on an outsourced basis to other law firms both here in Canada as well as in international markets. I suspect Steve’s talents are going to be picked up on quickly by some of the larger American firms, but some of the savvy larger Canadian firms should consider getting in on the act as well. Steve is the real deal and a welcome addition to the Canadian legal marketing community.


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