Courthouse Libraries BC

Building a Future-Focused Library Brand

Courthouse Libraries BC was in a unique situation. For decades, the organization served as the province’s preeminent source for legal information. However, the rise of the digital era meant the organization needed to rapidly reinvent and redefine itself.  With images of endless library stacks and old tomes lingering as a relic of the pre-internet age in the minds of many users, the organization also needed to recast its identity with both users and funding stakeholders. Reluctant to shed goodwill the library had accrued over many years, Skunkworks focused on a rebranding effort that kept a recognizable but updated variant of their name (transitioning from “British Columbia Courthouse Library Society” to “Courthouse Libraries BC”) and overhauled a cliched logo (stylized Greco-Roman columns) into a distinctive and more modern visual identity with digital, literary and nature-based cues. Water-based imagery was incorporated throughout the organization’s marketing material as a subtle way to convey that Courthouse Libraries BC has always been and continues to be the ultimate fount of legal knowledge.

Our ongoing multi-year collaboration has also meant that we have been immersed in helping Courthouse Libraries BC modernize their website, restructure their offerings towards more practical solutions-oriented portals for lawyers in key practice areas, develop their award-winning blog “The Stream“, create video training modules, launch a cutting edge wiki-book initiative, build an e-newsletter database, establish a strong social media presence, edit content for targeted industry publications such as The Advocate, update way-finding and building signage within the libraries, produce promotional items for law students and new lawyers and much, much more.