Building A Brand From The Ground Up

CAPDOTS approached Skunkworks with a great product: a web-based, auditory training program module that could be used to treat listening disorders in children. The problem was that the company had no branding, no website, and no clear marketing plan. Fortunately, there’s nothing we like more than a blank slate. Over the next few weeks, we programmed and designed the company’s website, scripted and shot an informational video, designed and ordered tradeshow banners, produced digital signage, and developed a PREZI for the company to be used at an ASHA convention – a premier event in professional audiology. It was important that the marketing materials be tailored to visitors with differing levels of insight into speech disorders. We had to develop a brand and web presence that would appeal to parents of children diagnosed with listening disorders as well as audiology SLP Professionals. The result is a clean and warm brand identity that is sophisticated enough to capture the attention of trained professionals and sincere enough to be embraced by parents.