New Website for Weary & Co

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Weary & Co, a law firm with a history going back 30 years in St. Albert, Alberta. Weary & Co wanted to create a distinctive website, accessible across platforms, that truly captured the St. Albert area.

Weary & Co Desktop Home Page

Modern Responsive Design

In order to achieve a more modern feel, we borrowed from their original colour palette and added a brighter turquoise element to brighten-up the feel of the website. Additionally, we created large call-to-action buttons, embedded Google maps, and a new FAQ format. The site was designed and coded from the very beginning to respond to different screen sizes.  As a responsive design, the menu adapts for mobile devices in order to take advantage of click-to-call and click-to-map functionality.


Unique Website Reflecting Alberta Roots

Weary & Co expressed an emphasis on capturing their long-standing roots as lawyers in St Albert and their affection for the community. In order to achieve this, we selected photographs from the Musée Héritage showcasing some of St. Albert’s most notable landmarks and combined them with present day photos from Weary & Co’s photographer, Demetri Giannitsios.  We were so impressed with the photos that we chose to showcase them by creating a “show image” button, allowing user to hide overlaying text and view the full image. A new home page image is generated every time that the site is accessed or the page is refreshed.

The website will be supported with a new legal e-Bulletin mailing list on MailChimp and the firm’s new LinkedIn company page. A website should never stand alone.

We certainly enjoyed this project and wish Weary & Co continued success serving the St Albert area.   You can view the website here.


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