New Website for Megan Ellis & Company

Recently we have been working with Megan Ellis Q.C. to develop a website for her firm Megan Ellis & Company. Ms. Ellis started the firm in 2002 and has since been joined by Shannon Aldinger and most recently Paula Kalsi – who came on board as Associate Counsel on March 1st of this year. Ms. Ellis is well known as one of the first lawyers in Canada to devote a significant part of her practice to representing adult survivors of sexual abuse and assault. As a result, her work in this complex area of personal injury law has led to significant developments in the law and legislation as it pertains to victims of abuse and assault.

Over the last 20 years, Ms. Ellis has developed an extensive family law practice and is well respected both for her focus on helping clients achieve negotiated settlements and for providing vigorous, cost-effective representation in court whenever that form of resolution is necessary. During the course of her personal injury and family law career, Ms. Ellis has taken on a wide variety of appeal work including those unusual situations where there is either little case law to guide the courts or where the existing case law, legislation, and policy have formerly led to perverse or unfair results for her clients. 

Ms. Aldinger has an active family law practice and, like Ms. Ellis, commits herself to developing creative and practical solutions for clients dealing with the complex and often emotional issues that arise in this area. Ms. Aldinger has negotiated settlements and provided representation in court in various aspects of family law. A very brief selection of her considerable experience includes the resolution of custody issues and child and spousal support issues, the division and reapportionment of property, and the well-crafted arrangement of family law agreements.

The newest member of Megan Ellis & Company, Ms. Kalsi, has considerable experience dealing with issues arising in personal injury law and, like her colleagues, has worked on cases that involve sexual abuse and assault. For the past eight years, Ms. Kalsi has devoted a considerable amount of her time to the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia (PGT). This is an entity that acts to protect and advance the legal and financial interests of children and vulnerable adults in BC. In addition to her focus on cases of sexual abuse and assault, Ms. Kalsi has developed a practice in electronic and document disclosure issues in large-scale litigation and has a great deal of experience analyzing the complex documentation that emanates from cases of this type.

These three women are exemplary litigators with a unique and necessary set of skills. They wanted a website that was modern and sophisticated in design but straight forward and to the point in terms of content and navigation. We have done our best to develop a site that works on both these levels. Take a look:


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