A New Website for Simpson Thomas & Associates

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Legal marketing is ultimately about connecting prospective clients with the right lawyers. We build websites without losing site of this goal. It helps that boutique law firms have a notable marketing advantage: they can tell prospective clients exactly what they do. Simpson, Thomas & Associates, ICBC claim trial lawyers with offices in Vancouver, Delta, and Burnaby, offered just such an opportunity. Bernie Simpson started this personal injury practice back in 1970, long before websites were a driving factor in choosing a firm. Our job was to build a website to help carry the firm forward. Have a look at the result: simpsonthomas.com.

Priorities and Design Features

Material Design for Law Firms

Lawyers at Simpson, Thomas & Associates limit their practices to ICBC claims and the firm has a well-established reputation offering multi-lingual client services to the Lower Mainland’s diverse ethnic communities. The firm needed a professional website that reinforced this reputation while accommodating the needs of mobile devices. A responsive user-experience was our top priority and Skunkworks developed the new site according to Google’s Material Design framework.

Beyond responsiveness, the new site needed to make ICBC claim information accessible to the public. After an accident, pursuing an ICBC claim can often be confusing, with ICBC itself providing self-serving information. The new website offers a step-by-step guide to help victims navigate the ICBC claim process.


Function dictates form. Another priority was ensure that wherever a user was on the site, they could easily connect with the firm. We used click-to-call buttons and strong call-to-actions to allow users to contact the firm, irrespective of the device they are using.

Google Reviews

We also know that when it comes to choosing a law firm people rely heavily on reviews written by former and current clients. We always encourage the firms we work with to direct their happy clients to write a Google Review about their experience. Using these Google Reviews, we created a dynamic testimonial section on the homepage.


To create a compelling design, we wanted to include video. The challenge was that we felt that background video ultimately distracted users from the substantive content as well as other prioritized functionality described above. We settled on the use of cinemegraphs, a hybrid approach where only one component of the image contains animation. There are three cinemagraphs on the new site, some of them more obvious than others.

Connecting Clients

We feel that that the new simpsonthomas.com successfully supports the firm’s well-established reputation, while improving useability for accident victims. The firm’s lawyers are client-focused. At Skunkworks, we are client-client-focused. The proof will be in the analytics.



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