New Family Law Video Ad by Watson Goepel LLP

Recently, Skunkworks went Hollywood. Our office was filled with costumed actors, bright lights, a hair and make-up stylist, miscellaneous crew and one very capable director. This foray into video work was initiated when we were approached by the multi-practice law firm Watson Goepel LLP. One of the things firm was specifically interested in was creating an awareness campaign focusing on the upcoming changes to B.C.’s  Family Law Act.

Getting Creative with Family Law

Watson Goepel wanted The Family Law video to serve the dual purpose of alerting the public to important changes to the B.C. Family Law Act, which come into force on March 18, 2013, while letting people know that Watson Goepel’s Family Law Group is available to provide assistance in dealing with the impact of this new legislation. Due to the uncontroversial nature of the subject matter, we decided to have a little fun conveying Watson Goepel’s message by injecting some humour into the ad.

In order to bring our concept to life, we cast two local actors Brynn Peebles and Adam Pateman. Brynn is a local improviser with commercial and television experience. Adam is a local comedian that has toured the United States, been featured on Comedy Now, and has appeared in various commercials.  We were very pleased with Brynn and Adam’s work and would happily collaborate with them on future projects.

The Production

To properly convey our concept with the quality we envisioned we worked closely with seasoned director John Durant and his company Backlot Media. Backlot’s experience in video production was apparent; as John and his crew quickly turned one of the Skunkworks’ offices into a production studio complete with a hair and make-up space, bright lights, and various cameras, green screens, and tripods. The production was additionally aided by the beautiful work of Heather’s Flowers who supplied us with unique (and nice smelling) props and Smartmouth Café (who kept us well-fed and watered).

We had a great day working with Brynn, Adam, John, Janice, Aaron, Martin and Heather and are happy to present the final product, which you can find on YouTube and Watson Goepel’s Website.


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