Murphy Battista LLP – BC Personal Injury Lawyers – Brand Refresh + New Website

Skunkworks has had the privilege of working with Murphy Battista LLP since 2012. Over these last 7 years, the firm has grown from 10 to 24 lawyers, added 3 new offices, and solidified its position as one of BC’s leading teams of plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyers. While much has changed, Murphy Battista LLP’s focus on personal injury claims, medical malpractice cases, and insurance litigation has remained constant.

The firm’s lawyers remain dedicated to protecting the interests of their clients in ways that extend beyond representation in disputes with insurance companies. These efforts include supporting initiatives and community partnerships that contribute to client recovery. Our priority in building Murphy Battista’s new website was to better serve their clients. Accident victims, particularly in severe injury cases, are under a high degree of stress and it’s very likely that they (and their family members) are experiencing anxiety about the future and what to do next. People in these circumstances need information specifically related to their type of injury fast – that includes both legal information and rehabilitation and recovery resources in the community. Injury victims also need information about the people who can help protect their interests and guide them going forward. We wanted to address each of these needs via the new website.

Brand Identity – Enduring Message, New Look

Murphy Battista LLP’s was founded by Joe Murphy, Q.C. and Joe Battista, Q.C. (the “Joes”) back in 1982. The firm’s record of successful trial results is well known in BC. Within the legal community, the firm’s reputation is outstanding. For the many thousands of clients the firm has helped over the last 36 years, the name Murphy Battista remains a symbol of trust and success.  We were looking to update the firm’s brand identity while building on this history.

Messaging – Get Your Life BackTM

Murphy Battista LLP’s business is helping accident victims get their lives back. The firm’s lawyers recognize that the priority of every accident victim is physical and emotional recovery from injury. As a result, the first step the firm takes in the process of securing fair compensation for a client is to make sure that financial and rehabilitation resources are put in place to support the client’s recovery. For many years, the firm has used “Get Your Life Back” as their primary messaging. A registered trademark for this tagline is pending approval. Injury claims extend well beyond financial compensation, and the best injury lawyers work to rebuild your life. With a number of out-of-province injury claim mills moving into the BC market, Murphy Battista LLP’s continued support of the primary care treatment community, including the Personal Injury Resource Centre, makes this messaging more important than ever. On the new website’s home page, the Get Your Life Back messaging is paired with seasonal banners showing accident victims moving forward with their lives.

New Wordmark & Icon

With the growth of the firm and the launch of a new website, we wanted to take this opportunity to update the firm’s branding. The old logo with its Vancouver cityscape made sense when the firm’s base of operations was in Vancouver. It made less sense as the firm expanded to four regional offices. We also wanted to give the wordmark cleaner, more modern fonts. A further objective was to create an standalone icon to act as a visual cue in SWAG and marketing applications where space was at a premium. In short, adding a new icon allows for more versatility in the firm’s brand.

Old Logo

Murphy Battista LLP Old Logo


New Logo


New Icon

Murphy Battista LLP Icon

A New Website – New Functionality

While Murphy Battista LLP’s commitment to its clients has not changed, expectations concerning websites certainly have:

  • mobile user-experience is the priority
  • injury resources must be easy to find
  • the 4 offices and 24 lawyers must be easy to reach
  • the firm’s trial successes should be underscored
  • former clients should have their testimonials highlighted, and
  • lawyer bios should provide sufficient detail on each lawyer’s trial experience and client reviews
  • the practice area pages should be cross-linked with other useful, relevant content on the site including blog posts

The new website does it all.

Mobile-First Responsive Design

When we redeveloped the previous Murphy Battista LLP website, mobile responsiveness was just beginning to rise in importance. To address this, we added a separate mobile application after the launch of the desktop version. This was less than ideal. The new site focuses on the mobile user first. People use websites differently on their mobile devices, and we wanted to ensure that we could support these differences while maintaining a consistent base of content.

Scott Stanley Injury Lawyer Mobile Landing Page

The mobile experience prioritizes the ability to contact individual lawyers or any of the firm’s 4 offices. In addition to a mobile-optimized design, we have also ensured that the new site would be exceptionally fast. Mobile users are particularly sensitive to page load times.

Accessing Accident Recovery Resources

Murphy Battista LLP is very active in the community. In particular, the firm helps with the physical recovery of accident victims through the Personal Injury Resource Centre.

With the firm’s ever-growing depth of content on personal injury law, the old website was becoming hard to navigate. We restructured the navigation and have emphasized search functionality to ensure that people can find exactly what they need.

4 Offices – 24 Lawyers

Murphy Battista LLP 24 BC Injury Lawyers

With 24 lawyers in 4 regional offices, Murphy Battista LLP is one of BC’s largest personal injury law firms. Their new website needed to serve a particularly utilitarian purpose — ensuring that clients, prospective clients, opposing counsel, medical experts, journalists, and the broader legal community could find a lawyer or office, confirm what they do, and then contact the firm as needed.

While many personal injury firms focus on marketing as an end unto itself, Murphy Battista LLP views marketing efforts as an extension of delivering excellent client service.

Trial Results — They Matter For ALL Clients

Traditionally, the majority of injury claims settle out of court. However, a differentiating factor for Murphy Battista LLP compared to many other firms is the considerable and current experience its lawyers have taking cases to trial. The firm does not shy away from taking a claim forward if it’s clear that court is the best way to achieve the right (and fair) result for a client. Murphy Battista LLP is proud of their record of success at trial, with many precedent-setting awards. As proven trial lawyers, this helps the firm negotiate settlements for the benefit of all their clients. The dollar value of many of these claims also speaks to the complexity and severity of many of the claims that the firm pursues. Murphy Battista LLP has many years of expertise handling catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and psychological trauma.

What Clients Say – “I would recommend MB in a heartbeat.” 

Murphy Battista LLP’s trial results speak for themselves, but the real litmus test of the best personal injury law firms is what their clients say about them. The firm’s legions of happy clients speak to this point. Pursuing an injury claim, medical malpractice claim or insurance claim can be a stressful process, and the firm’s Google Reviews reflect the difference that Murphy Battista LLP is making in peoples’ lives. The firm relies primarily on referrals for new business, and it helps to have former clients going on record about their experiences.

BC Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews Slider

The new Murphy Battista LLP website is live at

Murphy Battista LLP’s Next Chapter

With ICBC pushing forward with a number of administrative changes to injury claims, the landscape of personal injury law in BC is changing. Our focus remains unchanged  — ensuring that Murphy Battista LLP is known as a leading personal injury firm in British Columbia where accident victims can turn for help in getting their lives back.



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