Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, Skunkworks’ Marketing Projects include the following elements within each project. These details, together with the accepted Fee Estimate (the “Fee Estimate”) and the Marketing Services Terms & Conditions, constitute the Retainer Agreement (the “Retainer”).

Hourly Rates

Skunkworks offers all marketing services to existing clients at a blended agency rate of $200/hour (the “Agency Rate”), excluding strategic consulting by Doug Jasinski offered at $275/hour. New clients require a minimum initial project estimate of $5,000.

Corporate Identity – Branding

1.  We will develop the number of initial logo designs and colour palettes specified in the Fee Estimate and revise, up to 2 rounds of revisions, 1 selected design until a final logo is approved. The selected design will be incorporated into the firm’s collateral package.

2.  Once a final logo is determined, we will provide it to you in a variety of electronic file formats (GIF, JPG, EPS, etc.).

3.  Using the approved logo and colour palette, we will develop a stationary package for you consisting of the pieces specified in the Fee Estimate. Note that the project fee excludes the cost of printing your collateral package.

4.  We will deliver print files for your stationary package to you and your preferred printer. You will coordinate the production of your collateral package. We will be available to resolve technical issues regarding your print files.

5.  Alternatively, if you want us to manage the printing of your collateral package we will bill you at the Agency Rate + tax for the additional time. You will be responsible for paying the printer directly. We can source a printer for you if need be.

Website Development

6.  We can use your existing domain name for your website. Skunkworks will work with you to develop a new sitemap for your domain. The sitemap will specify the number of design templates used on the website as well as the navigation layout.

7.  Based on the approved sitemap, we will provide you with the number of website design mock-ups specified in the Fee Estimate consisting of a static home page, a static subject matter page (e.g. “Practice Area”) and a static bio page to illustrate the design elements that will be used on your website. We will complete up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback. We will require approval of the mock-ups before proceeding to development of the site.

8.  The new website will utilize content (copy) and images that you provide. Our time for editing content that you supply is included in the project fee up to a maximum of 6 hrs. Editing time in excess of 6 hrs is billed at our Agency Rate + tax.

9.   Copywriting fees are not included in this estimate. If you would like our help writing copy for your website, we will be happy to give you an estimate after you have confirmed the sitemap for your website and the individual components that require our assistance.

10.  You will provide Skunkworks with the hosting information and passwords that we require in order to install a new website. The cost of hosting arrangements and fees for domain name registration remain your responsibility. We are happy to help you with the technical aspects.

11.  The new website will support the latest versions, at the date of the acceptance of the Retainer, of the following web browsers:

i. Internet Explorer;
ii. Google Chrome;
iii. Safari; and
iv. Firefox

12.  Legacy browsers will be supported and tested upon advance request at an additional hourly charge. Browser requirements are to be specified in our Technical Requirements Questionnaire.

13.  The website will be designed and coded so that it optimizes the user experience according to the device upon which the website is being viewed (responsive design). Specifically, the website will adjust to a desktop computer, tablet, and smart phone’s screen dimensions. If separate functionality is required on different devices (e.g. click-to-call or click-to-map), these requirements are to be specified in our Website Requirements Questionnaire.

14.  The project fee includes a customized User Guide and one (1) hour of training to you or your staff on the basics of using the WordPress content management system. Additional training is available at the Agency Rate + tax if desired.

15.  The project fee includes installation of Google Analytics on your site so that you can review site traffic. The project fee also includes an optional analytics review 3o days after launch of the site.

16.  Project fee excludes the cost of custom or rights managed photography that you may want to use on your website. The new website will utilize images that you provide supplemented by stock imagery where appropriate. For greater certainty, you will supply us with high resolution bio photos of the professionals and staff that you want to appear on the site. Our time to search for suitable stock imagery to enhance the website is included in our fee but the cost of purchasing stock imagery will be treated as a disbursement.

Print Ad

17.  We will develop the number of print ads specified in the Fee Estimate according the the specifications of your selected print publication(s).

18.  Our fee includes concept development, design, copywriting and revisions, delivery of art files in the sizes indicated above, and the resolution of any technical issues with the print files. Our fee excludes the cost of the media buy as well as third-party services that may be required such as the production or purchase of stock or custom photography.

Social Media Presence

19.  Taking cues from your website and using your logo and colour palette, we will develop the custom social media company page(s) identified in the Fee Estimate, including:

i. cover image(s);
ii. custom background image (where available);
iii. services icons (where available);
iv. positioning statement(s); and
v. services descriptions.

20. Our fee excludes the cost of stock or custom photography as well as ongoing maintenance or updates to the social media profile(s).

Google Search Campaign Setup

21. During the term of the retainer, setup of your Google Search Campaign will consist of:

i. Google AdWords and Google Analytics account linking and configuration;
ii. Development of search ads targeting specific ad groups as defined in the Fee Estimate;
ii. Geographic targeting setup;
iii. Demographic targeting setup;
iv. Budget and bidding setup;
vi. Selection and targeting of keywords; and
vii. Creation of a negative keywords list.

Google Search Campaign Management

22. Ongoing management of your Google AdWords and/or Microsoft Search Network campaigns includes:

i. Ongoing monitoring and improvement of your keywords;
ii. Ongoing monitoring and improvement of your negative keywords list;
iii. Monitoring of your campaign (up to 3 hours/month); and
iv. Monthly email reporting on your AdWords Search and/or Microsoft Search Network campaigns, including an overview of relevant web analytics and organic search engine rankings.

Google Display Campaign Creative + Setup

23. Our campaign design services consist of the following:

i. Development of concepts for the ad groups specified in the Fee Estimate;
ii. Production of selected concepts into ads, the total number of concepts selected limited to a number specified in the Fee Estimate, with each selected concept produced in 3 of Google’s most common display network sizes. Ads may be single frame, multi-frame, or animated.

24. During the term of the retainer, setup of your Google Display Network Campaign will consist of:

i. Google AdWords and Google Analytics account linking and configuration;
ii. Geographic targeting setup;
iii. Demographic targeting setup;
iv. Budget and bidding setup;
v. Configuration of managed placements and targeting options;
vi. Setup of optional remarketing campaign;
vii. Selection and targeting of keywords;
viii. and uploading and configuration of all ads.

25. Our fee excludes amounts payable by you, the Client, to Google that are required to run your Display Network campaign.

Google Display Campaign Management 

26. During the term of the retainer, ongoing management of your Google Display Network Campaign consists of:

i. Optimization of managed placements;
ii. Optimization of bids, keywords, geographic, and demographic options;
iii. Monthly email reporting with optional follow-up conference calls to review our analysis of campaign performance and propose recommendations.

27. Our fees exclude any amount payable by You, the Client, to Google that are required to run your Display Network campaign.

Video Ad

28. Our fees cover concept development and campaign setup only. Depending on the selected concept, video production and editing services can be retained through a third-party. We are happy to recommend video producers with experience in the legal market.

29. Skunkworks will storyboard up to 3 concepts for a video ad of a reasonable length (under 5 minutes).

30. Skunkworks will refine a selected ad and produce a revised storyboard and script for that selected ad, both of which will subsequently be e-mailed to the Client for approval.

31. Skunkworks will work with the video production company of your choosing to develop the video ad.

32. Once filmed, edited, and approved, we will setup and configure the ad to run on a video network of your choosing (e.g. YouTube.com, Facebook.com etc).

33. Setup includes demographic and geographic targeting as well as 1 month of campaign maintenance and refinement. Additional fees for ongoing campaign maintenance and refinement, past the period of 1 month, are set out in the Fee Estimate.

34. Our fees exclude amounts payable by You, the Client, to Google or Facebook that are required to run your video campaign.

Corporate Promotional Items

35. We will research and present to the Client up to 10 corporate promotional items (“CPI” or “CPIs”) suitable for the Client’s marketing goals as outlined in the Fee Estimate.

36. Once the Client selects an appropriate CPI or group of, up to 5, CPIs for branding, we will develop new or resize existing creative specifically for use on the CPI. We will then contact the vendor who will produce a sample CPI, which will subsequently be sent to the Client for the Client’s approval.

37. Once the Client has approved the sample CPI by e-mail or in person, they can retain Skunkworks at an additional cost to manage the final stages of the production of the CPIs in collaboration with the vendor as outlined in the Fee Estimate. If the Client, chooses to manage the final stages of the production of the CPI without the assistance of Skunkworks, they acknowledge that they alone are responsible for collaborating with the Vendor to ensure timely delivery, fair pricing, and the resolution of any production-related issues that may arise.

38. Our fees exclude amounts payable by You, the Client, to the Vendor in exchange for the CPIs.