Making Mondays Matter.

Skunkworks is pleased to be working with UVic Law on Vistas, their alumni publication.  One of the alumni being profiled in the Fall issue is Alison Brewin (’91). Alison has been working with non-profit organizations and the charitable sector for over 20 years and currently runs a busy consulting service (Alison Brewin Consulting) offering professional development for these groups. Given her background, we wanted to find a suitable photo shoot location. And then I remembered one of my favourite new lunch places in Gastown, the Lost + Found Cafe.

The Lost + Found Cafe has a unique approach. Founders Kane Ryan and Salomeh Jalali have combined great food with great atmosphere while providing a bricks and mortar show case for global charitable programs. Further, they have created what looks to be an interesting and vibrant events space that community groups can use in the evenings. The “How To’s” and “What you Need to Do’s” are all on the Lost + Found Cafe website.

Kane and Salomeh graciously agreed to allow us to use the Cafe as a photo location for Alison (thanks again you two!). As luck would have it the best day for Alison, our photographer Dominic Schaefer and our writer John Lee was…Monday. It turns out, Monday’s at the Lost + Found Cafe are pretty special.  On Mondays the Cafe runs “Make Mondays Matter,” a progam with a philanthropic goal. It couldn’t have been more perfect for show casing Alison Brewin, a woman who has devoted her working life to supporting projects that promote philanthropy, equality and justice including the necessary professional development for the people who run them.

Salomeh describes Make Monday’s Matter as follows:

Every Monday from 9am – 12pm all coffee sale proceeds at the Lost + Found Cafe are matched by our non-profit Partner, The Dirty Wall Project, and donated to a local charity.  Since it’s inception in June 2013, this initiative has raised $1,000 for the Vancouver Native Housing Society. We were very happy to be able to take part. You can read all about Alison Brewin in the Fall 2013 Issue of Vistas…coming soon.


Marni MacLeod at the Lost and Found Cafe

Me cleaning up after Making Monday Matter



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