LinkedIn Display Advertising For Law Firms

At Skunkworks, we work with many law firms that are interested in dipping their toes into social media but are discouraged by the relatively informal nature of Facebook or Twitter.  In situations such as these, we often point out that a better social media fit may be the professional network established by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Display Advertising

In the past, we have written about LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages and how they are a good vehicle for law firms looking to conservatively enter the world of social media. In this blog post, we will be discussing LinkedIn display advertising: a topic that we first blogged about over a year ago. For anyone unfamiliar, display advertising refers to the banner advertisements that commonly inhabit the margins of popular websites. Although Skunkworks has mostly pursued display advertising on Facebook and through the Google Display Network, we are excited to report that LinkedIn is offering free $50 vouchers to select clients interested in using LinkedIn display advertising.

It’s important to note that the self-serve ads that are purchased through LinkedIn advertising accounts are different from the banner ads that can only be purchased by contacting LinkedIn’s sales team.  To illustrate this difference, we’ve included a copy of a self-serve banner ad that we purchased on behalf of our client Robbie Sheffman followed by a banner ad that Scotia Bank purchased through the sales team.

The Power of LinkedIn Display Ads

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn’s potential strength in the world of display advertising relies on its ability to sort individuals by highly specified criteria. LinkedIn’s targeting, however, could represent a better opportunity for drawing in the types of clients that law firms covet. While Facebook display advertising allows you to target based on age, sex, location, interests, and family status, LinkedIn allows advertisers to additionally target individuals based on job title, seniority, and corporate affiliation.

In theory, you could create an advertising campaign that directly targets the senior executives or in-house counsel of a corporation that you are attempting to draw in as a client. Moreover, you could tailor your ads so that the senior executives and general counsel receive two different sets of messages, each of which is customized to appeal to these two different groups. Obviously careful consideration needs to be given to whether a LinkedIn banner ad is appropriate in your context, but we are of the view that it never hurts to know what tools are available.

How to Get the LinkedIn $50 Voucher

In order to be eligible to receive the free $50 voucher, you have to first set up a profile on LinkedIn. Once the profile is created, it is up to LinkedIn to decide whether or not you are worthy of receiving a coupon code entitling you to $50 worth or free advertising. Although LinkedIn commonly creates promotions targeting potential advertisers, we cannot guarantee that a voucher will end up in your inbox. However…asking LinkedIn about the offer might expedite the process.

No Voucher? No Problem

If you are interested in setting up a LinkedIn Display campaign regardless of whether or not LinkedIn provides you with a $50 voucher, than you can do so by following this link. There is a flat fee of $5.00 to activate an advertising account. However, once created the billing is based on a pay-per-click model, which means that you do not pay LinkedIn unless someone clicks on your ad. Further, like Google AdWords you are in control of your daily ad budget so that you can set limits on your monthly spend for display advertisements.

For more information regarding the creation and maintenance of LinkedIn advertisements, you can contact Skunkworks Creative Group


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