Like: Smooth Jazz.

Marni Macleod

Vince Mai…is a local musician and rising star.  I met him a few years back after I returned from a trip to Cuba hell bent and determined to learn to Salsa (dance, not eat with chips – I already do that reasonabley well…sadly I can’t say the same for my dancing).  Anyway, I had the good fortune to meet Vince through my dance teacher (Susanna Dominguez ) I always knew he was working on a music career (he’s also a terrific dancer!) but I had lost track (sorry Vince & Susanna) until another Salsa friend (thanks Aleix!) kindly sent an email to advise those of us who might have lost our “cool” that Vince is up for a music award.  I’m glad he did.  Sometimes in this busy world we forget about the things that inspire us.  Salsa and smooth jazz…nuff said.


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