Law firm holiday greetng cards – eCards, real cards, or no cards?

Doug Jasinski

Well, it’s that time of year again. What is your firm doing on the card question? There seems to be a perpetual debate over whether to stick with traditional hard copy greeting cards, opt for an online virtual or eCard, scrap the cards entirely in favour of a charitable donation, or some combination of the above.
The undeniable pro of tradtional hard copy cards is the chance to include a personal note that inevitably has more relationship-building power than a virtual card. The con of course is the expense and logistical nightmare that can be involved at even a smallish law firm in getting multiple lawyer signatures on the cards and getting them out the door in a timely way. At Skunkworks, we have opted for this traditional route, gluey tongues from licking too many stamps be damned.
Virtual cards sacrifice that personal touch, but can free up resources for a worthy cause. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP is one firm that has gone with this approach, holding a contest amongst the children of lawyers and staff of the firm to create the artwork that is featured in the virtual card, and making a charitable donation to UNICEF in recognition of the cost savings achieved by using virtual instead of printed cards.
An interesting variation we’ve seen from firms including Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP as well as Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP this year is the use of traditional printed cards, but with the cards supplied by charitable organizations (St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital respectively in the case of the firms mentioned above).
Whichever route your firm chooses we hope your holiday season is a great one and we’ll see you back here in January!


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